WILLTONY SHAKIRA - A fully imported bred filly, with impeccable temperament, fantastic straight movement, agility and suspension.

Both SHAKIRA's sire & dam were bred and imported from one of the oldest and most highly regarded PRE studs, with prizewinners in every category. The Candau family have been breeders of the classic Pura Raza Española horse in Spain for 6 generations and were recently named 'Best Dressage Breeder at SICAB 2016.

The Candau Stud, Yeguada Candau, is one of the most respected names in the historic world of the pure spanish horse. In the andalusian breed shows, they have gained awards in every area, and stand among the top award winners worldwide. In 5 out of the 7 years between 1997 and 2002, Yeguada Candau was declared Best Stud Farm at SICAB, the world's largest and most prestigious PRE show (held annually in Seville.)

SHAKIRA carries the famous Candau bred stallion LEGIONARIO XIX on both her sire & dam line. LEGIONARIO XIX, proved not only to be a great horse in every aspect, but also one of the most influential horses in the breeding of the Purebred Spanish Horse in the last twenty years. His most important contribution was the change in the morphological structure, adding size and strength. Giving a height that averages 1.70 meters, with large, powerful joints which SHAKIRA has inherited.

Saskia Mesdag, a top-level Spanish judge, and member of the Board of Directors of ANCCE, used LEGIONARIO XIX to cover her own mares for three years in a row. She says he was a great horse with a solid balanced character.

SIRE - NECESARIO II (National Supreme Champion Spanish Exhibit 2010)

GRAND SIRE on dam & sire line - BOTICARIO XVIII (Qualified Calificado)

GREAT GRAND SIRE - URDIDOR VII (Champion of Spain 2001 & Qualified Calificado. Half brother to URDIDOR III who competed at Grand Prix level, ridden by Olympic Silver Medallist, Rafael Soto Andrade and was 316 on the FEI WBFSH Horses World Ranking List-Dressage 2007).